Monday Mar 19

KIG Episode 2: Global health challenges

When you pay any attention to the news these days, it can be a bit disheartening.  There's so much suffering in so many places.  But then you hear about the inspiring work being done by organizations like Doctors Without Borders.

MSF logoDoctors Without Borders is one of the leading humanitarian organizations in the world, bringing medical care to areas ravaged by war and natural disasters and where access to medical services would otherwise be non-existent.

I have such great respect for this worldwide group (originally started in France, and still known as Medicines Sans Frontieres, or MSF), that I was thrilled to get to interview Dr. Buddhima Lokuge about his experiences and volunteer efforts.

I'd known that doctors and nurses volunteered their efforts, but was pleased to learn that MSF also looks at the big picture -- exploring the root causes of suffering around the globe and devising short- and long-term solutions.  For instance, Dr. Lokuge and I discussed the difficulty that developing countries have in procuring affordable medicine for diseases such as tuberculosis - an ailment that has been almost entirely eradicated in wealthier nations.

If you are a medical professional, perhaps consider volunteering with the group. You could make such a huge difference bringing your training, talents, compassion and kindness to where they are needed the most.  And if you're not a doctor, there are plenty of other ways to help in the vital work that MSF does. Just visit their site to find out what you can do.

Of course, MSF also serves as even broader inspiration.  Its example can lead us all to consider our own particular skills -- whether in medicine, agriculture, finance, art, literature, construction, technology -- and how we can offer them to people in need in our own neighborhoods or around the world.



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