Monday Mar 19

Bicycle City

I just came across the website for Bicycle City. It sounds really wonderful:

"Bicycle City is a planned, compact design community where people live, work and play. Its eco-friendly, car-free design is healthy, sustainable and animal-friendly." 

991928_bycicle.jpgI love the idea of living in a car-free city. No inhaling exhaust. No fear crossing the street. No traffic, or traffic-related stress.

I currently live in a very bike- and pedestrian-friendly area - drivers are used to a lot of people walking and biking throughout the neighborhoods and the town center. But there's still the noise, the pollution and the dangers.

So a "Bicycle City" could be pretty awesome.

"Bicycle City is designed to have the best of large cities and small towns. BC is walking-, running- and cycling-friendly with most everything needed located nearby. If someone owns a car, they park it conveniently on the outside perimeter of the city. Children and animals are safer without motor vehicles. Without the need to drive to work, people use less energy, save money and have less stress. Drive Less. Live More."  

According to the site, this plan has been around since the 90's, but now has funding. So they're looking for the best spot for the city, and getting people on board to live, work or volunteer there. You can click on a list of states and see what feasibility info has been collected so far.  

My only concern is that they don't take a piece of pure, undeveloped land and build a new city on it - even if it is an ideal, green city. I would love to see them buy up 10 blocks of an urban or suburban area and transform it - creating new open space for people and wildlife and really tying in public transit, the arts, etc. That would probably cost more but it would be greener.



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